Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 months Waiting

10 Months - this is a hard one because when we started this Ethiopian journey we were told our wait would be 8-10 months. So we thought by this time we would have a referral. We thought we would have seen our daughters face. We thought we would have held her. That is just hard to think about...the what ifs, the would haves.....

Looking back, our first email to an adoption lawyer was in 2004. 9 years ago. 9 years of growth, heartache, love, support, money lost, money raised, moves, new jobs, 5 adoptions failed, new friends, new babies in the family, godchildren, death, new fur babies, new jobs, a college degree, new business ventures and more and more and more. We are blessed, we know that but sometimes it is just hard. Sometimes I just want to scream or cry and sometimes honestly I do. Corey is lucky (lol) that he has school to keep him busy. I just stitch and stitch and stitch. I told Corey tonight if I didn't have my work I think I would go crazy. I have pity parties - and for that friends I thank you for listening to me! 

This past weekend I was blessed to go to Created For Care (I will write more about that soon) in Atlanta and met some amazing new adoption friends and came away feeling very positive, blessed and reminded again that we are exactly where we need to be. This may be a horribly long journey but we know we are suppose to adopt and WE KNOW our daughter is out there. Ivey is already so loved and has SO many people waiting for her to come home. Isn't that amazing? This girl who may or may not even exist yet has a fan club? She is going to be showered with love, prayers, hugs and kisses and We can't WAIT to introduce her to each of you.

So until she is home we will wait and pray and hope. We need our friends and family. We couldn't do this without you guys. Every day we are reminded how blessed we are to be surround by friends and family on this journey. Corey and I have grown so much throughout this journey and through it all we have just gotten stronger. Every time we have had a heartache Corey reminds me that through it all he and I, and our relationship is the basis of this whole adventure. None of this would be possible without us. We are blessed. God is SO good to us. 
Even with the hard stuff.....we know God has a plan. 

So thank you to each of you for all you do for us. 

with love and thanks,
Tobi & Corey