Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wait times

Today we got news that the wait times have increased. Only 2 months.....but still 2 more months. So instead of 6-12 month wait for referral AFTER DOSSIER IS ENTERED it will be going up to 8-14 months. Just pray it doesn't keep increasing......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Individual Interviews: Check!

I think is the perfect sentiment for our journey - we must always remember to BE BRAVE, BE HOPEFUL & BE STRONG....and to know we are always in this together.

Corey and I both had our individual interviews over the past few days. Check off another to do in getting ready for our adoption. After my interview we went over all the paperwork we have left to do, which luckily isn't much.....then the dossier paperwork starts. She thinks it will take about 5 months to get all of this done and sent off for the final approval. Next we need to finish paperwork and start our "training" which includes online work. We will have our home study soon also which will be another interview together at our house. From there we start immigration which takes 90 days. So luckily our social work has a system and is VERY helpful. So I hope and pray we will have everything done and turned in before Christmas - wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas present? This week Corey and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary - and I truly believe this year we are starting a whole new chapter in our lives. We are so lucky to have each other and have been through so much in our first 10 years. We are so ready to add to our family....please pray with us that this is our time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is official the journey has begun. Yesterday we heard that our formal application was officially accepted. This is the start of a long process but we are both STOKED. Trying hard not to get too excited but can't help but be beaming with excitement that we are closer to bringing Ivey Home. So now the fun part - lots more paperwork, dossier, fingerprints, interviews, homestudy, update passports. So stay with us....I will update you whenever we have any news. And follow our adoption timeline to see what steps we have taken.

We love you guys - thanks for being part of our journey....WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

thought it was appropriate to post this picture - just happened to get my pink touched up in my hair on the day we were formal accepted to adopt Ivey :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

1st Interview Down

Even though Corey and I are both under the weather - we shined ourselves up and put on happy faces to go to our 1st interview for the home study portion of this adoption process. The interview went wonderful and we updated a lot of paper work which is VERY helpful considering how much paper work we have left.

Here is a photo outside our house to document this moment :)