Adoption Timeline

June 15th - mailed off formal application (should hear back by Tuesday, June 21st)
June 17th - application arrived at adoption agency
June 23rd - little hiccup - they need doctor's note for Tobi - going to doc appointment on Monday June 27th
June 27th - great doc appointment for Tobi, now to get TB test and Drug Test - then Doc can write letter to give to agency
June 30th - got tb test and drug test results to doc, letter was mailed to agency on friday July 1st
July 5th - Agency received Doc letter
July 8th - 1st couple interview - went great - updated a lot of paperwork which is VERY helpful considering how much paperwork we have. Still waiting on Formal Application to be accepted, hope to hear on Monday.
July 12th - FORMAL APPLICATION ACCEPTED! Let the paperwork and wait begin!
July 13th - Corey's doctor appointment
July 15th - Corey's individual interview
July 18th - Tobi's individual interview
July 20th - news that wait time has increased from 6-12 month to 8-14 months
August 18th - police background checks and signed LOTS of paperwork
September 22nd - homestudy! *went great
September 27th - Tobi meets with adoption counselor about dossier, and next steps to take
October 17th - homestudy approved!!!
November 22nd - mailed off immigration paperwork
December 10th - got fingerprint appointments - December 28th!
December 28th - FINGERPRINTS! Check!

January 30th - received I-171 H
February 1st - turned in dossier
March 5th - dossier to nationals - they needed new doc letters by MD's not NP's and marriage license wasn't authenticated correctly.
March 16th - wait times went up to 18-24 months
March 17th - Movie fundraiser (Raising Ivey) raised over $1,000
March 21st - new letters/marriage license arrive to national office for dossier
March 30th - Dossier to Country Date Confirmed! We are officially paper pregnant!!! Let the wait begin!
April 30th - 1 month waiting
May 30th - 2 months waiting
June 30th - 3 months waiting
July 30th - 4 months waiting
August 30th - 5 months waiting
September 14th - wait time went up to 29-31 months
September 30th - 6 months waiting
October 10th - contacted a new agency about domestic adoption
October 30th - 7 months waiting
November 20th - waiting officially domestically
November 30th- 8 months waiting
December 30th - 9 months waiting

January - Starting a new year waiting both domestically and internationally
January 25-27 - Tobi went to Created for Care (adoption conference) in Atlanta
January 30th -  10 months waiting