Thursday, August 18, 2011

Much Needed Vacay

the gorgeous sunset at our rental home in Cashiers, NC
corey with the girls at a small waterfall
a gorgeous waterfall in Cashiers, NC
my girls and I
We were so lucky to get away just the four of us (our fur babies went along for the trip). Corey had an unexpected week off and we took the time and ran to the mountains! First stop 2 nights in the beautiful Blue Ridge, GA - we rented a cabin and lounged, ate great food and spend time out with the beautiful view. Next up 3 nights in Cashiers, NC (this was a very special spot to us since we used to vacation there when we lived in Atlanta). It did not fail us. It was GORGEOUS - the view from our rental house was absolutely breathtaking. We spent our mornings with the view, evenings and even ate dinner outside. The weather never got above 78 degrees. My heaven. I was able to hike outside and never break a sweat. The girls loved it - it was olives first real mountain adventure. Our fur babies are naturals in the outdoors. We had grand plans to finish adoption online training -but to our surprise not much internet connection....which honestly was a very lovely surprise. It was great to unplug and spend time with my family. We had a fantastic week away. It had been way too long. We are in the middle of a crazy adjustment period with Corey's work schedule. He is working evenings and well....we neither one seem to be getting a hang of it. We know it isn't forever and we are VERY thankful for that. Until his schedule changes we will make the best of it like we always do. We are back on board with the adoption paperwork, online training then scheduling our homestudy.

We will keep you posted when the homestudy/last interview is scheduled. Thanks for all your support - we couldn't do it without our friends and family. Love to each of you.