Thursday, April 5, 2012

Raising Ivey

On March 17th we had an AWESOME fundraiser. We thought it was appropriate to show Raising Arizona. It was donation based, and we sold snacks (candy, popcorn and yummy treats made by friends and family). I also had some Ivey Handcrafted items ready to be sold. In total we raised over $1,000. IT was AMAZING. What a fun night, around 40 of our closest friends and family came out in support of us and helped make our dreams continue to come true. Here are a few photos from the night taken by my dear friends Brittany (moncrief photography) and Meghan (soli photography). The ladies of Homespun Parties and Events allowed us to hold the event in their beautiful shop/studio. We are blessed, there is no better way to put it!
The beautiful location

Ivey's Aunt Bunny

Corey thanking the crowd

Corey and I with Ivey's Uncle and Aunt (tobi's brother and sister in law)
The Soon to be parents
myself and our beautiful friend Brittany who was gracious enough to take photos :)
Our sweet friend and photographer Meghan
Tobi & Stacy (sister in law and Ivey's aunt)
my nurse Steve from when I was in the burn unit. This was so special to me that he came to support us. He was a HUGE part of my recovery.
myself and the beautiful hostesss Ayesha and Kelly - lucky to call these girls my friends

We are officially Paper Pregnant!!!

As of March 30th we are officially waiting.

It is so hard to get too excited we have a really long wait ahead of us. The wait time as of March 16th has changed to 18-24 months. This means more than likely our little girl isn't born yet, like we had thought. This means we have 2 years before seeing our little girl. This means there are two more mother's day and father's days that we aren't a mom and dad. This means 2 more Christmas's, New Years, Thanksgivings, Halloween's, etc, etc without our girl.

But the positive is hopefully in 2 years we will meet our girl and all of this hoping, wishing, praying and dreaming will all come true. Our heart is in Ethiopia and we can't wait to go get Ivey. She is already so loved by all these amazing people we have surrounding us. I always knew we had great support, but this time around it just keeps overwhelming us with how many people we have on our side. We thank each of you for the support, prayers, donations, kind thoughts, hugs, positive reinforcement, friendship and love. We couldn't do this without you. The next 2 years is going to be the toughest because we know our girl is out there we just can't get to her. So continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for Ivey and her birth mother - they need us. Pray the wait times decrease. We love you and will forever be indebted to you. .

We will keep you posted with any news we have, but for now we wait....won't you wait along with us?