Friday, December 30, 2011

Fingerprints! CHECK!

Fingerprint appointment done! Another huge step to check off on the road to bring ivey home. We went to Atlanta on a very whirlwind trip. Very quick - no time to see friends - just fingerprints and Ikea, Lunch & Trader Joes in under 3 hours! Corey worked the night before so he hadn't slept yet - so he was up for almost 24 hours straight! BOO! But he was a champ. The fingerprinting place was very surreal. Just a strange place all together - they treated us like criminals - no purses, bags, cell phones and honestly they just weren't that nice. So very glad that is over - and PRAY we don't have to do those again!
"the application support center" - still have no real idea what else is done here....
a quick stop at trader joes - oh how I wish we had one of these in our town!
lunch at the yummy zocalo
a quick run through IKEA - honestly the BUSIEST I have ever seen it! Glad we got out of there as fast as we did.

Back home and I thought this saying was perfect for the day....
Let's remember why we go together so well :)

We are so lucky to have each other on this journey!

Next step - finish dossier and get it turned in!


  1. Your blog is just adorable!! Glad the day went soo smoothly for you! bumberjoy from ig :)