Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is official the journey has begun. Yesterday we heard that our formal application was officially accepted. This is the start of a long process but we are both STOKED. Trying hard not to get too excited but can't help but be beaming with excitement that we are closer to bringing Ivey Home. So now the fun part - lots more paperwork, dossier, fingerprints, interviews, homestudy, update passports. So stay with us....I will update you whenever we have any news. And follow our adoption timeline to see what steps we have taken.

We love you guys - thanks for being part of our journey....WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

thought it was appropriate to post this picture - just happened to get my pink touched up in my hair on the day we were formal accepted to adopt Ivey :)


  1. I know this is late but CONGRATULATION! I have 3 aunts & uncles that have adopted internationally- what a blessing!! hang it there!

  2. Oh Natassia - thanks so much for this - I appreciate you :)