Thursday, June 23, 2011

little bump in the road

So first bump in the road....let's hope first and only! But they need a doctors letter for me explaining my health - so I have a doc appointment on Monday to get the letter and go ahead and get my physical for the homestudy. They said that this wasn't unusual for them to ask for a letter and to not worry about it. So I won' will be just fine, but just in case let's all say a little prayer ;)


  1. You know I am crying right? Love the quote...gosh that is so stinkin' true! You guys are the cutest and I feel so lucky to be one of so many that get to walk beside you in during this journey! Lots of love and prayers for you guys! Can't wait to meet your sweet Ivey girl one day! She sure is lucky. I know that one for certain!

    PS: The Ethiopian facts are so incredibly daunting!!!

  2. Brittany - I love you...and I hope to be an amazing mother like you. I am SO glad we have you guys through this journey. I LOVE YOU

    And I know right?

  3. It will be a long journey but we will be with you every step of the way!